dr pimple poppers sandra lee weighs in on tiktok scar girl annie bonelli


Dr. Pimple Popper's Sandra Lee Weighs In on TikTok "Scar Girl" Annie Bonelli
Dr. Pimple Popper’s Sandra Lee Weighs In on TikTok “Scar Girl” Annie Bonelli image source by Google image

There’s a reason why you may have noticed a difference in TikTok star Annie Bonelli’s facial scar. While she hasn’t detailed how she got her scar, she revealed it happened in March 2021.

Later that year, she shared several TikToks of the scar fading but she told NBC it worsened after she applied a topical treatment to speed up the process, with the product causing a chemical burn and creating a wound on top of her scar. “That turned into a new wound on top of it, which is why [the scar became] significantly longer, because I just sloppily put it on.”

Could Bonelli’s topical treatment have caused her scar to change?
While Dr. Lee noted that she hasn’t personally examined the TikToker nor has she interviewed her, she believes Bonelli’s scar reacted to the topical treatment she applied. “The appearance makes me suspect she applied something to the area like a chemical peel acid, which burned the skin.”

“People have been suggesting the scar is now fake, that this is makeup,” she noted of Bonelli’s critics. “While this is a possibility, a burn to the area could create a scar that appears dark like this.”

How do facial scars heal over time? But for deeper, more damaged scars, the Dr. Pimple Popper star noted it will take longer to fade. “But those of us, myself included, who have a darker skin tone will have a scar go from red to darker brown—called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation—before it eventually fades to slightly lighter than natural skin tone.” “Scars from trauma or surgery, keloids—scars that grow out of control—scars after acne (which there are four to five ‘types’ and is another discussion).”

Additionally, the dermatologist pointed out that knowing the type of scar you have is pertinent to improving it.

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