I’m Obsessed With Bad Bunny’s Dad Jeans at the Grammys

During last night’s Grammys, I wasn’t transfixed by Harry Styles’s bedazzled Harlequin jumpsuit with tattoo-revealing décolletage nor was I charmed by Jack Antonoff’s skinny-tie-Buddy-Holly get-up.

The red carpet parade all seemed too flashy, too attention seeking, too much.

Instead, the man who really stole my heart was Bad Bunny, who wore the simplest of outfits while performing songs from his Grammy-nominated album Un Verano Sin Ti: a T-shirt and jeans. 

There was something incredible about his look, specifically the high-rise, snug stovepipe pants

They looked familiar, like they belonged to dorky Jerry Seinfeld, a high-fiving Mitt Romney, and definitely someone’s father.

The denim was uncharacteristically simple for Bad Bunny, someone who accessorized 2021’s Grammys look with an oddball sunflower to the Grammys and takes selfies in a crop top. 

“This time around he wanted casual and comfort,” his stylist Storm Pablo wrote to Vogue over email

According to Pablo, Bad Bunny requested all of the pieces himself: the T-shirt was Uniqlo 1990 and the pants were Levi’s 501s.

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